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Top 5 devices to annoy neighbors in 2023

devices to annoy neighbors

Unwanted noise is one of the biggest pressures that you may endure in your house. A 2017 Danish study found a strong correlation between stress from loud neighbors and a host of health symptoms in women, including neck, shoulder, and other joint problems.

Let’s look at some tools in this section that you can use to annoy your neighbors and make them mad.

Devices to Annoy Neighbors


AnnoyingPCB is light enough that even generic tape will keep it in place and small enough to conceal in most areas.

It’s easy. When AnnoyingPCB is hidden, it will beep, screech, or make a cricket noise every 5 to 45 minutes. Why? The people around you need some excitement, and diversity is the spice of life.

AnnoyingPCB’s battery life is predicted to be greater than three years. You may be confident that long before AnnoyingPCB runs out of power, your victims’ sanity will fail.


  • Brand: AnnoyingPCB
  • Material: Paper
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Educational Objective: Listening, Reading
  • Size: Small

Key Features

  • The best gag gift or vengeance prank is AnnoyingPCB, which boasts one device, unlimited chaos. Just turn on the noisemaker and tuck it away. Every five to forty-five minutes, at random intervals, it will beep, shriek, or emit a cricket sound. Ideal April 1st joke to pull on your pals or workplace!
  • This little, unpleasant sound generator may easily be concealed in most locations. This small noise prank is discrete and difficult to locate. It is light enough to be secured with a magnet or generic tape.
  • 3-Year Battery Life: No quick jokes here; this is a protracted con. The accompanying battery will continue to beep for three years at random, not just for a few days. You may be confident that long before AnnoyingPCB runs out of power, your victims’ sanity will fail.
  • Unique Sounds: You don’t have to settle for one obnoxious sound. The sound can be simply changed by pressing a button. A standard beep, a high-pitched screech, and cricket chirping are among the sounds heard. Become the funniest practical joker on April 1st.
  • Hiding Idea: Scare the living daylights out of your friends, neighbors, and coworkers with a practical joke! Place it in a cabinet or drawer with items in it that are close to other beeping equipment. Fix it behind a tissue box, behind a monitor, under a desk, or in a drop ceiling. With the AnnoyingPCB in your prank kit, nobody is secure.

Pros & Cons of AnnoyingPCB

AnnoyingPCB Pros

AnnoyingPCB Cons

Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn

The Pyle PMP20 Megaphone Speaker is small, lightweight, and effective. Pyle has enhanced the battery life, power, and ergonomic utility of their flagship megaphones with each new model. 

With an audio projection range of up to 400 yards, you can manage the audience from a distance. Additional features include a switch-activated siren alert mode, adjustable volume control, and a handy folding handle grip. 

All of these capabilities are included in a small battery-operated design. With the Pyle Compact Megaphone, you can operate PA speakers in a lightweight, flexible manner.


  • Power Output: 20 Watt MAX
  • Audio Projection Range: Up to 400+ Yards
  • Megaphone Dimensions: Diameter 5.4” x Length 8.6”

Key Features

  • Multipurpose: This small bullhorn has been used by firefighters, coaches, police, firefighters, cheerleaders, schools, athletes, event planners, and directors who desire to use it for a variety of purposes.
  • Mode for a voice amplifier: speech through the microphone is amplified. The 20 watts of sound produced by this small electronic bullhorn megaphone have a potential range of 400 yards. The sanity will begin to fail long before AnnoyingPCB runs out of power due to its lightweight 1.44-pound design and alarm mode battery operation.
  • Capacity: 32 tackle sections with 13 adjustable dividers. expanded base storage space and a flip-top accessory compartment for large tool storage
  • Versatile: This portable siren megaphone is remarkably lightweight and comes with a handy carrying strap. With just 4 C batteries, our megaphone bullhorn speaker is operational. Take it to your next special occasion with you.
  • It offers a variety of noises that have been pre-introduced and will fervor to your event. When you need to shine out so that people will notice you, use the siren. Our bullhorn amplifiers provide a range of sounds, including a siren.

Pros & Cons of Pyle Megaphone Speaker

Pyle Megaphone Pros

Pyle Megaphone Cons

Liquid Ass

Liquid Ass is a huge, revolting, and entertaining practical joke item. Once released, this potent, highly concentrated liquid starts to evaporate and fill the air with a true, repulsive butt-crack odor with undertones of fresh excrement and dead animal. 

With liquid ass, you may play countless amusing practical jokes. You’ll be laughing so hard it hurts just seeing people’s expressions and hearing their remarks about the part-your-hair, gagging stink. Keep out of children’s reach.


  • Brand: Liquid Ass
  • Theme: Animal
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Cartoon Character: (-)
  • Educational Objective: Play, Learn

Key Features

  • A realistic, foul-smelling odor that is designed to mimic the smell of human flatulence.
  • Simple button press activation makes it simple to operate.
  • Adjustable intensity settings, allow users to customize the strength of the smell. 
  • It is designed to be discreet and portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • On the bottle are printed straightforward application instructions.

Pros & Cons of Liquid Ass

Liquid Ass Pros

Liquid Ass Cons

Singtrix Portable Karaoke Machine

The only plug-and-play karaoke system in the world that uses studio-quality voice effects to “make terrible singers sound good and good singers sound extraordinary” is called Singtrix. You can use the device to songs to annoy your neighbors. Sing along with your favorite songs with ease.

Simply connect your headphones to your computer or mobile device’s headphone jack to begin singing. Your voice will be tuned to the music track by Singtrix, which will also apply studio-quality effects like 4-part harmony or chorus, reverb, delay, and many other things.


  • Recommended Uses For Product: Streaming, Singing, Karaoke
  • Brand: Singtrix
  • Model Name: Karaoke
  • Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack
  • Special Feature: Stand
  • Compatible Devices: Karaoke Machine, Speaker
  • Color: Orange, Pink, Blue & Black
  • Included Components: Carry Bag/Case, Microphone(S), Stand(S), Cables
  • Item Weight: 21 Pounds

Key Features

  • Singtrix will be your preferred home entertainment system.
  • The most advanced karaoke is karaoke that mimics the sound of a live performance in your living room and a million-dollar recording studio. 
  • There are 375 effects and more, as well as several skill levels, hard-tuning (Auto-Tune), harmonies, reverb, delay, severe effects, and more.
  • At the touch of a button, the built-in HIT button and effects controller instantaneously turn your voice into a 4-Part Harmony, causing you to sound ecstatically enormous. 
  • 40-Watt Stereo PA with built-in subwoofer produces portable, immersive sound. 
  • Perfectly balanced and weighted Singtrix microphone with a 10-foot mic cable.
  • A thrilling party experience for family and friends, the realization of musical aspirations, vocal training, a boost to children’s self-confidence, and the potential for the next musical icon.
  • Works with MP3s, streaming music, and YouTube karaoke videos.

Pros & Cons of Singtrix Portable Karaoke Machine

Singtrix Portable Pros

Singtrix Portable Cons

Pack of 100 Cabinet Door Bumpers

The purpose of these Soft Durometer Bumpers is to create the quietest closing possible. The bumpers are made of a soft rubber material that absorbs the impact of the door and prevents it from damaging the cabinet.

They function as padding, spacing, stability, and skid resistance, as well as extending the lifespan of furniture and hardware. So, you can quickly and easily apply it to a variety of surfaces.


  • Brand: GorillaGrit
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Color: Clear
  • Shape: Round
  • Product Dimensions: 0.5″L x 0.5″W x 0.14″Th

Key Features

  • These Special Soft Durometer sound-dampening bumpers are excellent for cabinets, doors, drawers, picture frames, and glass table tops because they cushion against harm from unintentional banging, slamming, and closing. Use it as a spacer to give a hanging frame or piece of art more height for the ideal effect!
  • Guard against deterioration. When placing boxes, vases, and other items on marble, glass, wood, or any other surface you don’t want to be scratched or damaged, attach these surface protectors to the bottoms of those items.
  • Self-adhesive: Simple to use and attaches to tables, desks, stair railings, cupboards, and other furniture that needs cushioning or sound absorption. Sticks to a variety of surfaces, including stone, glass, wood, and metal.
  • Sleek Design: American-made. Clear pads are an unobtrusive solution to offer protection without interfering with your interior design or the appearance of a place. They attach to the bottoms, doors, legs, and backs of furniture.

Pros & Cons of Door Bumpers

Door Bumpers Pros

Door Bumpers Cons


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