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A Guide to Hang Blankets on the Wall



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Reflecting on the Journey

Discover how to hang a blanket on the wall to add some warmth and flair to your living area. Learn the technique of making eye-catching displays that express your own preferences. Try varying the colors and sizes of your blankets to create a space that is both distinctively you and distinctly welcoming.

Have you ever noticed that blankets may give our rooms a stylish vibe in addition to keeping us warm? Here’s a clever tip: hang them from the wall! It transforms your space into a comfortable refuge like a straightforward do-it-yourself magic trick.

With its step-by-step instructions, this tutorial will help you hang your favorite blanket like an expert. Prepare to enter a cozy, fashionable area that is both aesthetically pleasing and hospitable.

Come along as we explore the possibilities of this décor trend, providing you with useful advice and inspiring ideas to help you create a safe and eye-catching display that expresses your style and enhances the ambiance of your living area.


  • This project is simple and can be accomplished with basic materials, making it accessible to individuals with varying levels of DIY experience.
  • Selecting and properly installing sturdy wall hooks or clips is essential for a secure and reliable display, especially for heavier blankets.
  • Experiment with different folding techniques and arrangements to find the perfect combination that suits your style and transforms your wall into a focal point.

Materials Needed

Let’s delve into more detailed information about the materials needed for hanging a blanket on the wall:

1. Blanket:

Take your room’s overall design into consideration when choosing a blanket to hang on the wall. Pick a design and color that go well with the decor you already have. Another important factor is the blanket’s size, which should match the amount of wall space you have available. While a smaller blanket could produce a cozier, more subtle effect, a larger one might make a bold statement.

2. Wall Hooks or Clips:

Depending on your taste and the kind of wall you have, you can choose between adhesive wall hooks, conventional hooks, or clips made for hanging fabrics. If you want to install wall hooks without the need for a drill, make sure that the adhesive wall hooks can hold the weight of your blanket. Conventional hooks offer a reliable alternative, although they might need to be drilled into the wall. Hanging fabric clips provide a safe and adaptable solution. Whichever you decide on, be sure they are sturdy enough to support the weight of the blanket you have chosen.

3. Level:

An essential tool for creating an eye-catching display is a level. It guarantees that your blanket will hang properly and will fit precisely in either the vertical or horizontal plane. This is an essential stage in producing a polished, business-like layout.

4. Measuring Tape:

Measure the height and width of your wall space with a measuring tape before adding hooks or clips. This measurement aids in figuring out where hooks or clips should be placed to create a uniform and balanced arrangement. Accurate dimensions guarantee that your blanket hangs perfectly and accentuates the room’s overall symmetry.

5. Pencil or Marker:

Mark the spots where you want the hooks or clips to be installed with a pencil or marker. This stage gives you the opportunity to organize the setup and guarantees that your blanket will be hung in the correct alignment and height. The installation procedure is guided by marks on the wall, which facilitates the achievement of the desired visual effect.

8 Ways to Hang a Blankets on the Wall

Let’s explore a unique approach to enhancing your living area that goes beyond standard decorating supplies. Cozy blankets aren’t simply for keeping you warm; they can also be used as striking wall art. 

We’re going to go over eight creative methods to hang blankets on your walls in this journey. Every technique has a distinct charm that adds individuality to your space. 

These tips, which range from stylish canvas clips to carefree ladder arrangements, not only highlight your best blankets but also contribute to the individual style narrative of your house. It’s similar like painting your walls with warmth and originality.

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Here are eight creative ways to hang a blanket on the wall, each offering a unique and visually appealing display:

Tapestry Rods

Lay out ornamental tapestry rods in a horizontal pattern along the wall. Allow the blanket to hang gracefully by draping it over the pole. This technique not only highlights the blanket but also gives the arrangement a more elegant look.

Step 1: Choose the Location

Select the most suitable wall for your tapestry rod display. Consider factors like the room’s layout, the prominence of the wall, and how the blanket will interact with other elements in the space.

Step 2: Measure and Mark

To get the perfect width for your tapestry rods, use a measuring tape. Mark these spots on the wall with a marker or pencil. Make sure the markings are level and well spaced for a professional appearance. In order to create a balanced and visually appealing arrangement, this step is essential.

Step 3: Install the Rods

Installing the decorative tapestry rods requires adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually entails fastening brackets to the wall before fastening the rods into position. When installing, make sure the rods are absolutely horizontal by using a level. To hold the weight of the blanket, make sure the poles are firmly fixed to the wall.

Step 4: Choose the Blanket

Think about how the blanket’s color, pattern, and texture fit into the overall design of your space. Furthermore consider the blanket’s size in relation to the distance between the rods. To achieve a combination that is harmonious and enhances the overall beauty is the aim.

Step 5: Drape the Blanket

Carefully cover the installed rods with the chosen blanket. Observe how the blanket falls organically and let it fall that way. Make sure that the length and width of the blanket match the measurements of the wall area and rods by taking your time when folding and arranging.

Step 6: Adjust for Elegance

Take a step back and assess the configuration. Adjust the blanket’s folds and placement to create a classy and eye-catching presentation. The goal is to give your living area a refined appearance that exudes elegance.

Step 7: Secure if Necessary

Consider fastening the blanket to avoid any slipping, depending on the weight of the blanket and the kind of tapestry rods used. This may be making sure the rods have secure end caps or covertly fastening the blanket to the rods with tiny clips.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Take into account adding any final details to improve the appearance as a whole. To achieve a unified and professional design, rearrange the lighting in the space to highlight the display or surround the tapestry rods with comparable decor pieces.

Ladder Display

Choose a nice wall location for a decorative ladder first. It should be comfortably leaned against the wall.

Now, the ladder selection is crucial. Choose one that complements your style, perhaps one with some character or a worn-in appearance. Ensure that it is tall enough to support your blanket without causing it to drag on the ground.

After positioning your ladder, select a blanket that goes with your mood. This is where it becomes cool since you can change your covers whenever you want. Play around with the folds and allow the blanket droop freely as you hang it over the rungs of the ladder. This whole thing is about effortless, carefree flair.

The ladder gives your wall some depth and isn’t just for show. The rungs give your blanket a stylish separation that adds visual interest. It’s similar to giving your room a cozy, lived-in feel.

The best part is that you can easily alter things up anytime you feel like it. To get the perfect fit, experiment with various blanket sizes, colors, and materials. With your blankets acting as more than just blankets rather, they become integral parts of your décor narrative—the ladder display is all about keeping things casual. Now go ahead and let your room tell its own warm story as you lean that ladder and lay your blanket.

Clothesline Style

The clothesline method of hanging blankets offers a fun and flexible way to design your walls. To begin this enchanting adventure, choose a good place for your display first. Think about the room’s design and the look you’re going for. It’s time to get creative once you’ve found the ideal location.

Steps To Do It:

  • Attach the ornamental clothesline’s ends firmly to the designated spots on the wall. Make sure the line is strong enough to hold the weight of the blankets you intend to hang, and that it is taut and well fastened.
  • Choose a blanket that complements the design of your space and creates the atmosphere you want. You may easily change out the blankets to fit different seasons or events with this strategy.
  • The chosen blanket should be draped across the clothesline and secured in place with ornamental clothespins. You can play around with the layout, altering the folds, and choosing a hanging style that best fits your design.
  • Take a step back and evaluate the setup. In order to attain the desired look, the blanket and clothespins must be repositioned in this phase. Accept that this approach is informal and endearing, allowing for a carefree and slightly sloppy presentation.

Floating Shelves

Putting those floating shelves somewhere to display your beautiful blankets is the first step. Consider how you want the room to feel and how it is set up. 

Once you determine the proper height and spacing, mark those locations on the wall using a measuring tape. 

To attach those floating shelves to the wall, follow the directions and use a level to ensure that they are straight. 

The exciting part is here: choose a blanket that complements the hues and design of the space. 

After everything is neatly folded, place it on the shelves. There’s no one way to fold; just use your imagination. 

Add some more interesting items to the display, such as books or vases, to liven it up. Take a step back and make sure everything appears well-balanced. 

Make sure that shelves are holding up well by periodically checking them. 

The outcome? a presentation that elevates your wall from a simple blanket gallery to a cozy, stylish gallery.

Canvas Frame Clips

Now that you have some canvas frame clips, let’s add a floating effect to your blanket on the wall. Using small nails or wall hooks, attach these clips to the top edge of your blanket. 

Your blanket seems to float against the wall, providing a contemporary, minimalistic touch. It’s like magic. This technique gives your room a streamlined feel while simultaneously showcasing your blanket.

Let’s break down the process into more detailed steps:

Gather Materials:

First things first, get your hands on canvas frame clips, small nails or hooks, and the blanket you want to hang.

Choose the Location:

Select the spot on your wall where you want your blanket to take center stage. Consider the room layout and how the floating effect will enhance the aesthetic.

Measure and Mark:

Use a measuring tape to determine the desired height for your blanket. Mark this height on the wall, ensuring it’s level and aligned with your vision.

Attach Canvas Frame Clips:

Along the top edge of your blanket, attach the canvas frame clips evenly. These clips will essentially act as the hangers for your floating blanket.

Prepare the Wall:

Install small nails or hooks on the wall at the marked height. Ensure they are securely in place and can support the weight of the blanket.

Hang the Blanket:

With the canvas frame clips in place, carefully hang the blanket on the small nails or hooks. Adjust the clips to achieve the desired positioning and ensure the blanket hangs evenly.

Create the Floating Illusion:

Step back and admire the magic. The canvas frame clips give the illusion that the blanket is floating against the wall, contributing to a modern and minimalist aesthetic.

Secure for Stability:

Ensure that the canvas frame clips are securely fastened to the blanket and that the small nails or hooks on the wall provide stable support. This step is crucial for both the aesthetic and safety of your display.

DIY Macramé Hanger

Prepare to elevate your area with a boho-chic vibe by making your own macramé hanger to display your most beloved blanket. It is easy to use and gives your display a dash of artistic flair. 

First, gather the supplies you’ll need for your do-it-yourself project, such as the blanket you wish to hang and some macramé cord. 

Pick a location on the wall where the blanket may hang freely and blends in with the design of your space. 

Now get creative and start creating the macramé hanger. Its length and style are completely customizable to fit your decor exactly. 

Once your handmade hanger is done, hang your blanket from the wall, take a step back, and give your room a little more bohemian flair. 

Using this strategy lets you show off your blanket while also adding a little bit of your own flare to the décor.

Quilt Rack

Why not give your decor a hint of the past? Snatch up a quilt rack to display your most prized blanket on the wall in style. 

This method offers your blankets a distinct area and provides your space a wonderful antique atmosphere, so it’s not just about showing off your cuddly buddies. 

So choose the ideal quilt rack, place it thoughtfully against your wall, and let your blankets steal the show. It’s like adding a tiny bit of history, along with some warmth and style, to your room.

Steps To Do It:

Obtain a Decorative Quilt Rack:

Look for a quilt rack that complements the style of your room. Seek for solutions with distinctive designs or those with a vintage vibe to give your place personality. Think about choosing finishes and materials that go well with the room’s current features.

Put the quilt rack in place:

Installing the quilt rack securely requires adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions. Observe any mounting or hardware suggestions that are offered. Make sure the rack is securely fastened to the wall so that your blankets have a strong place to rest.

Hang the Blanket:

Gently cover the quilt rack with the chosen blanket. Let it hang naturally and make any necessary adjustments to the folds. Take a step back and evaluate the entire setup, making sure the blanket hangs at the right height and produces the desired visual effect.

Adjust the Display:

Modify the blanket’s placement on the quilt rack in little steps. Be mindful of the little things, such the blanket’s alignment with the general design motif and the symmetry of its folds. You can create a carefully planned and selected exhibit by following this step.

Curtain Rod and Rings

Why not display your favorite blanket on your wall with some stylish rings and a curtain rod? 

Here’s the strategy: attach the curtain rod horizontally for your comfortable creation, just like you would for curtains. 

Get some pretty curtain rings; you know, they’re not only for windows. These rings are your go-to tool for easily changing the height of your blanket.

They also exude a refined, streamlined appearance that makes your blanket seem like a work of art. 

Choose the ideal location, install your curtain pole, fasten the rings, and let your blanket to take center stage. It’s a simple trick that gives your area a customized beauty while showcasing your blanket.

Final Thoughts!

Although hanging a blanket from the wall may seem easy, I promise you that it’s a game-changer for adding coziness and flair to your living area. Here’s the skinny: make sure you have the appropriate tools and pay special attention to the details. On your wall, it’s like creating a miniature art exhibition that exclaims “you.”

Play around with blankets of different sizes, mix up the colors, and try out various layouts until you hit that sweet spot. Your wall should convey a warm, inviting story that is exclusively yours it should be more than just a wall. It’s the type of touch that gives your room a cozy, homey sense.

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